Be my Regret

little one. little one. hush all your dreams, heads in the clouds is no way to be.

little one. little one. don’t let them see, let your ears start to ring and the waiting be.

little one. little one. make my yelling stop, hush all your dreams. it’ll gleam.

little one. little one. here is your key, lock it away tight – so it looks like me.

little one. little one. hold them tight, don’t utter a thought and wait for night.

little one. little one. want the best I do, don’t lie to me. heads in the clouds is no way to be.

little one. little one. cry on my shoulder, I’ll always be here if your dreams are colder.

Written by A. Writes

Untitled Stars

She cupped the candle with both hands. Being careful to make sure that her hands didn’t shake out the flame. It casted a warm glow against the grey walls of her mind. Scratching the terrible wallpaper off that used to rest in her grandfather’s house. Her hands were young but lined, a silver metal ring resting at the end of her thumb. However faint the heat; her palms soaked from the flame became quickly dispatched to her heart. Where it was needed most. Written by A. Writes

The Teachers – Part Four ‘Looking Up’

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The Teachers

Part Four

‘Looking Up’

The take off was extremely rough. The air inside this so-called spaceship was dense and seemed centuries old – knowing Earl it probably was. He was a hoarder, and sometimes it happened to be air. But mostly it was random bits of metal, and old papers. Anything that smelt real bad, he kept proudly.

“Now Kiddo’s, you’ll be strapped in for… lets say… another few breaths, then it’ll let you go, and land where you need to be.” Earls scratchy voice stripped through the speakers. It rattled through Quentin’s brains as did the outside of the ship rattle through the atmosphere.

“What are we supposed to do?” Rosa shouted back.

“Kill the plant.” Earl replied, as if it was something simple. A mere quick tug of roots and it was dead. They two of them didn’t even know how to kill it – or what it was.

If it was absorbing that worlds oxygen like Earl said so, it can’t be strictly green based. It must have some kind of glaucous nano bot inside ( an electronic based plant created from a life form, lives and dies only from the same genetics, based from the nano bot theories that can reproduce) apart of it….which is outlawed. And that’s probably why our parents ran, thought Quentin. ‘.. that is why the sent us… “Earl!” Quentin shouted. “I need, so help me heavens, a yes or a no. Is this plant a glaucous nano based?” He pulled against the heavy straps that rubbed against his arms.

“What’s that?” Rosa asked, clearly lost.

“Earl!” Quentin shouted again.

He didn’t reply.

“Why does it have to be us?” Quentin whispered. We could get to the planet, and just live out the rest of our lives quietly. We don’t have to fix anything. I mean come’ on – who would entrust such a task on a few young kids. This is getting ridiculous – it’s not up to us to fix everyone else’s mistakes. Blood doesn’t mean your tied … does it?

“Hey Quentin..” Rosa asked, sounding sick. “I’m afraid.”

He stopped rambling along in his mind and looked up at her. Her skin was flushed and her eyes were tight. “You’ll be fine.” He swallowed. You’ll be fine. He said again to his self. Everything is going to be just peachy.  

“KIDDO’S!” Earl shouted through the speakers. “Your landing awaits you! The kind here aren’t familiar with you. Like, at all. SO be cautious, and you won’t be hearing from me again, until your back up in the air like a pretty new guardian flying to the rescue. You have about three days or you suffocate here with everyone else. So do it – or die.”

“Thanks for the heads up Earl.” Quentin replied sarcastically.

“You betcha kid, oh and for when you want to leave later, the owners manual is there somewhere, I’m sure. This is the best chance you got for one of you to live… so um, good luck.”

Quentin exhaled, letting go of a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Rosa nodded to him, faked a smile and then let out a surprise screech as the spaceship took a sharp nosedive that caught their missing breaths on the way down or up – Quentin couldn’t tell.


“Woh!” Shouted Marilyn. “Now that’s a UFO!”

“Here we go again…” Lily sighed. “There’s no such THINGS as a UFO. You make me feel like I’m visiting a loony bin every time I come visit you.”

“That’s highly insulting and I strongly disagree with you. Visiting me makes you happy..” Marilyn replied, shaking her head. Her ruby coloured streaks in her blond curls bouncing. “Amuse me, and take a look.”

“Fine.” Lily grumbled, setting down her flashlight and paperback on the patio table. She padded over to Marilyn who stepped away from the telescope. Her eyes widen and Marilyn grinned.

“See!” She clapped. “My aliens are back. Now I only thought they came out on a full moon.”

“No, it must be some sort of space thing. You know those things that go beep? They are like mini space stations or something.”

“You mean go bump in the night?” Marilyn giggled, thrilled. It’s been awhile since she saw the familiar red and white flashing lights. She was even starting to miss them – but then here they are. Lily abruptly stepped away from the telescope. Her face was a conflicting shades of fear against her dark hair.

“This isn’t right!” She screamed, running back into the house. Slamming the old kitchen door behind her. Marilyn chuckled at her friend, keeping her eyes on the sky.

Written by A. Writes.

Part five coming Wednesday! The last one!

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Storm Clap

TStorm Claphe thunder’s groans grew in like an old ivy plant. Patient and longing. Each distancing seconds of movement pulled to a hold.  The loud strikes of lightening that sang through the green sky, parted mouths in an exclamation of wonder. Illuminating past fears and frights – only to be settled by the gap between the earth and the moon.

Writing and Photo by A. Writes 

The Teachers – Part Three ‘Coming’

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The Teachers

Part Three


The air was missing from Quentin’s lungs. They were stretched raw as he pulled his sister along. His mind silent. Ignoring the pulsing thoughts that were urging him to fall to his knees and curse at the heavens. But that couldn’t happen. They had to move. They had to keep going, not for the soul of living, mainly for the purpose of out running the firing shots. “Duck!” Quentin harshly whispered. Diving behind a blue bush with even dark blue leaves. It had the sweet aroma of honey and radiated warmth – which was to their advantage; the footman couldn’t find their body heat – or Rosa’s suit. The just marched right by. “Were getting close.” He said. “To crazy Earls. Just one more street.”

Rosa giggled, slapping her hand over her mouth as one of the footman turned and looked in their direction. “OH jeez.” She said. Quentin gave her a warning glance.  “I sure hope you don’t call him that when we find him.”

Quentin didn’t smile. He just picked himself off the ground and glued himself to the shadows. As did Rosa. He doesn’t know much about what was going on, but there was no reason to concentrate on the unanswered questions.

Just simply moments before his world was bland, tasteless and average. Now, it was still tasteless but it wasn’t bland.

“Psst!” A voice said.

Quentin glanced at Rosa who just shook her head.

“Psssst! Children!” The voice said again. It was deep and crackled. “For the moons sake, ppssstt!”

Quentin looked around. The small clothed and metal homes were in rows. With the occasional guardian standing guard out front. He had to reframe from shouting, ‘what!’ until his eyes met a glimmer twenty feet in front of them. “I think that’s Earl?”

Rosa squinted. “I can’t smell him.”

“That’s because he’s a distance away.” He chuckled. Which made Rosa grin. It was nice to see her brother making jokes. He’s always too serious for his age. Right from walking, he would wear his proper running shoes, and community badge – even though no one wears them anymore. If he was given a snacaket to look after (a creature with a snake body, but the head of a kitten. Grows no more than five feet – lives off of germs exhaled from two legs, two arm bodies) it would most likely be wrapped around his arm right now. She followed Quentin who turned around and briefly pinched his nose, “It’s crazy Earl all right.”

“This way!” Earl clapped once when Rosa and Quentin reached him. He wore grey overalls with red patches. That made a clink sound when he walked, moon only knows why. His facial hair needed to be groomed and his teeth needed a brush. “I heard what was going on at your home, minutes before the guard came bashing in. I was able to make plans for you.”

“Care to share?” Quentin asked, taping him on the shoulder as they all walked hunched over to what looked like a junkyard. Scraps of metal, heads from old guardians and miss-matched wires were strewn about.

“Huh? Right, well – your parents are fine. They are just imprints of their life force. So that’s part is okay. Don’t worry about them.”

“What do you mean?” Rosa chimed in. Sweat rolling off her cheeks. “You’re telling me that our parents were holograms?”

“Precisely!” Earl agreed. “For the past two weeks.”

How did we not notice? Quentin thought. Scrolling back to all the conversations and sights he shared with his parents. Mistakenly, he could believe it. Earl was whispering instructions on how to walk through all of the junk until we reached a rotted tarp. It was black with mold. “Under.” He said, pulling up a corner.

“Ah.” Rosa said. “We have to?”

Earl shrugged dramatically. “Duh.” He replied.

Quentin ducked under, his eyes widening at the sight. “This is illegal.” He said.

“And you running isn’t?”

“You have a…”

“Spaceship!” Earl grinned, his yellow teeth glowing in the green light. “And it’s all yours. It can only go one place – the shower doesn’t work – but it’s yours to leave.”

“Where’s our Mother and Father?” Rosa asked, scratching her nose.

Earl hesitated. “Dear, dear Rosa.” He walked over, patting her head. “They broke our law. Almost all of them really. Which is quite impressive in my books – and now you have to clean up their mess.”

“Excuse me?” Quentin grumbled. Sitting down in old orange foam chair. Earl rushed over to him, clicking in his seat belt. “Hey!” He shouted.

“For your own good.” He nodded to Rosa. Who abruptly sat down next to Quentin. A little patch of dust lifted into the air.

“Rosa, no!” Quentin screamed.

“Oh, hush!” Earl spat. “And stop struggling! I made these seats.” He said proudly, as if that was a reason to be tied to it. “It’ll let you go once you are in orbit – then off to that one”

“What place?”

Earl shifted. “Two weeks ago. Your parents found a place a new place to set up camp. Only problem – we can’t live on it. It’s full all ready. So, so – your Father dropped a plant on the east side. It’s a red, bush vine thing..”

“And?” Quentin demanded. Watching as Earl turned to a wall, where a panel of flashing lights hummed. He continued to flip switches and turn dials.

“And, it makes that particular atmosphere rain…”

“That is a bad thing?” Quentin asked. Still trying to tug out of the seat.

“It is, when each millimetre of a drop absorbs the closest oxygen.”

“They dropped a plant that’s suffocating some one else’s world?”

“To say the least.”

Written by A. Writes.

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Ribbons were everywhere. Their colours blurring, tangling and surging.

Tearing at my skin,

It made me want to dance with them.

Spin around, and around with them waving to the sky.

Catching the ground only when the movement stopped.

After the time when up in flame,

Leaving me only to blame.

Written by A. Writes. 

The Teachers – Part Two ‘The Defiance’

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The Teachers

Part Two

‘The Defiance.’

It’s at that one, small, tiny insignificant moment. That you realized your own family has let you down, yet again. This is what Quentin had decide as he watched Mother and Father fight back their tears and whirl around their small home in fits of distress. He reached out and held his sisters, Rosa, clay hand. In hopes to comfort her in a situation that forgot to include them. Which he tried not to take to heart. For some reason his parents were shutting, plugging and locking every window, door or hole that lay their home susceptible to outside forces. “Mother.” Quentin finally said. “What did the chalice read?”

She froze. Her skin ash ridden and her hair slicked back into uneven, grey braids. She stole a short glance from Father who didn’t turn around. He was bent over, plugging a hole with stint spray – a spray on which a product is dispersed to take a surface or ‘used to be’ surface back to new by ‘stinting’ back into time. “Quentin, no need to make a fuss,  just head to your room and start packing.” She replied.

“Mother. Whatever it is, I don’t think just getting up and going is the best…” He let his voice trail off when he met Fathers eyes. They were hard, and excited. Much unlike Mothers. He seemed thrilled, and heavy – trying to hide it.

“Why do you have an opinion for things you do not understand?” Father asked, his voice booming.

Quentin just shook his head, in hopes Father takes that as his reply. He dropped Rosa’s hand and tromped to his room. What am I even packing for? An escape for the law… a sudden, adventurous family vacation?  He tugged at a velvet cloth that exposed a small mattress and an old wooden desk with piled clothing on it. Which were the only clean clothes in his room, so he picked up his canvas rucksack and dumped it out onto the floor. School books and papers tumbled out in beautiful harmony with gravity. The only thing he re-picked up from his emptied bag was a protractor and a notepad. Other than that he stuffed his mismatched clothing, his favourite pocket lamp, and a small triangular knife in the back pocket – pulled on the string to close it and slung it over his shoulder with a sigh.

“Quentin!” Mother shouted, from Rosa’s room. “Come here.”

Following her strained voice to his sister’s room where his Mother was lacing up the back of Rosa’s heat and moister dress. I guess they were leaving, he thought. She only wore that to travel. “As I was just telling your sister. You have two options here. You can stay here or come with Father and I. Both have the potential of danger and death. Your choice, sweetheart. “

Quentin blinked up at his Mother, who continued to adjust Rosa’s clothes. She’s speaking as if this, all of this, is normal. “Secrets get people killed, Mother.” He suddenly blurted out.

“And so does knowing them.” She replied to his surprise.

“You know what? Let the boy stay.” Father grumbled, walking up behind Quentin, yanking his rucksack off his left shoulder. “Your giving him to many options. Poor boy can’t make up his mind.”

Quentin let out a gasp, but quickly trying to breathe it over. His Fathers words were cruel at best, in the most harmless of ways.

“If Quentin can’t come. I’m staying.” Rosa whispered – just loud enough for Mother to hear. Her body shivered and her thoughts swirled with questions. Could this all be because of their money troubles? Or their Fathers strange, surveyor jobs he’s been taking? She couldn’t be sure. But she was sure of the shouting voices she heard rumbling through their thin home walls from the outside.

“What did you do?” Quentin, shouted at his Father.  Spinning in his direction. “That’s the guard at our door. THE guard.”

Father stared at Quentin with angry eyes. “Take Rosa with you when you leave.” He said. Plopping Quentin’s bag back on his shoulders. Who immediately rushed to Mother.

“You can’t sacrifice us, like this!” Quentin said through a shaky breath. Trying to find any trace of his beloved Mother in a shell that looked like her. “Tell me, what’s going on.” He asked again, his voice longing and sore. “Please.”

Mother just shook her head, but not to say no, it was if the words were too painful to gather into speech. “Find Earl.”

“Crazy Earl?” Quentin said, reaching for his Mothers free hand. Father’s large grasp clamped down on his shoulder spinning him back around – handing him Rosa’s rucksack as well.

His voice was firm and solid when he spoke, “Go.”

The shouting was growing louder, followed by screeching of machinery.

“No!” Rosa squirmed, “This isn’t okay!”

“It’s not, Rosa. They want us to go.”

There was a loud bang on the front door,  that seemed to rumble through Quentin’s body. Suddenly, everything about him erupted. Father motioned to leave and Quentin pulled Rosa out of the room, as the front door blasted open. The guards marching through wearing yellow masks and black uniforms for the towns colours. Each guard packing enough acid shanks in their guns to take down an army. Quentin cursed in rage, making him wonder what was going on. The guard doesn’t come packed like that, just to take out a four piece family… The rhythmic steps of the guard took only moments to cross their paths. He pulled Rosa into a spare room, searching her eyes before sliding the glass pane of the window across. The movement seemed warp and more challenging than he’d thought. He heard his Father shouting and pushed Rosa through. She landed with a graceful thump, and Quentin jumped out- hearing his world shatter with the shots of the Guard and the yelp’s of his Mother, ‘They’re already gone. Just let them be!’

Pulling both straps of the bags tight, Quentin grabbed his sister’s hand – and there feet hit the dry ground in a run.


Written by A. Writes.

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