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He paced back and forth. Back and forth. Almost as circular as the spinning leafs from the wind. They spun and spun. Lifting only slightly off the cracked pavement. It was warm outside but somehow the breeze managed to cling to his ribcage. Sending shivers across his body. He’d make quick glances to the hospital across the street. The sides light and looming. Written by Alecia Writes. 

The Peculiar Chronicles ~Time for a change!


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The Peculiar Chronicles,

My oh my! I don’t know what I’m doing here. But don’t sound the alarm, just yet. Unless it’s a really neat sound – like one of those ahooga horns! Then by all means… what I’m trying to conjure up the words for is to an answer that I don’t know what the question is. And if that sounds confusing, then I’m getting it down right. Every time the sad, limp thought of ditching this whole writing thing crosses my mind – I find myself agreeing with it. Now’s the chance, blah blah blah. BUT then I realize how much I’d will miss it! It’s been apart of me since I was wee and couldn’t spell for….. wait that’s still the same. I’m still a terrible speller. I just don’t know what to do. More than anything I would love to make writing my profession. There are thousands of us out there. All bumping shoulders and scratching at the windows where our finished books are just out of reach. But today is just one of those doubt days…

It’s sort of like this:    

But then I’m like this: 

Yup. That’s what’s been going on with me lately. How about you?

On another a note:  I just made a Pinterest! (Can you tell?) AND I’ll also be participating in NaNoWriMo for a second year! I’ll write more to that next time!

Talk soon!







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Cecile waited at the railroad crossing. Her small duffel bag slung over her right shoulder and a half-full canteen hanging off her left. She didn’t know what she was doing there. It wasn’t as if she was waiting for a train to take her somewhere new. She was hesitant – and promised herself every hour before dusk that this would be her chance.

Written by Alecia Writes. 



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Her sister broke her like she was an old rag doll. Cut off all her hair and snapped her legs. Leaving her in tiny, small shards that could never be glued back together. So she laid still on the floor. Waiting to be swept up by their mother; with the houses cheap plastic dust pan.

At least it wasn’t the vacuum, she thought.

Written by Alecia Writes 

Sleep Walking


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“If I could give you one thing, it wouldn’t be anything material.”

“A gift? What then?” He asked, stirring awkwardly on the stone step. Its bitter chill soaked up his slippers and into his thin pyjamas.

“A way to feel truth.” It said, before blurring away.

  Version 2

Writing and Photo by Alecia Writes



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A considerably short blurb about the ‘lesser-understood’ parts of writing! 

 There is twenty-four hours in a day – so there is always time to write. That’s what I like to say, as a ‘budding’ author. However most of the time it’s a battle not between fighting for your sacred writing time, but a tousle between your mental and emotional thoughts of the story your manifesting. Where as being a reader, you often don’t think about the ‘behind the scenes’ on how that novel or poem was created. From the initial starting idea, to the first draft to the many scribbles and frustrating run in’s you have when you try to cram all your ideas into one piece. As you are not battling out anyone for that perfect word or plot line, it is all up to you.

For when you write, you are the creator of what you’re trying to get from inside your mind to the page. It’s an isolating craft in the terms that you are not constantly in chatter with the people surrounding you. Most of the time indeed, your thoughts are swirling and nipping at your fingers to write it down right. This is one of the reasons why I love to write. I find that it tests you mentally. It tests your morals, beliefs and in so many ways that you are not aware of until the task at hand is completed. Being that the whole writing process is often overlooked and disconnected from the creations process to the ending result. Where as many people just picture, someone writing – then a book forms! But there is many more ‘steps’ to it like plotting, editing and finding a publisher. Not only does writing take a lot more brainpower then most people observe. It also does take its physical toll. As in you need to remind yourself to get up and move. It’s not a very active craft. You sit – stand a lot. Or occasionally pace around the kitchen table like I do. Your eyes get tired, your muscles in your arms and wrist began to ache and if you’re not careful your back will start to spite you.

There are many things that people don’t think of when they hear that you like to write. Some of them are obvious and some of them are far ‘fetched’ as my grandmother would say. Mainly because you can never fully grasp something – unless you, yourself do it. Through all the challenges, the way to writing fiction makes me see the world in a more rounded prospect. I love to write.

Written by A. Writes



One year Blogiversary!


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 Wow oh wow! Can you believe it’s been one year already?! Today, one year ago, I created this blog. Now – over 100 posts later! Thank you to all who have supported me throughout this year. It’s been an absolute treasure! I am so thrilled to have made it to this marker! I’m kind of lost for words. Cheers for another year!

I can’t wait!

Wishing you all a wonderful evening/ or day!



One Year Blogiversary!



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For Connie.

We hesitated. More likely, I hesitated. In such a fashion the sun mocked that my long tangled hair got bitten from the wind and my bare legs.

I couldn’t help but stare at them. Laughing, swinging and splashing in crystal looking waters that made me thirsty. “Come on in!” They waved. “Waters great.”

I nodded. It looks great. But what does ‘great’ look like? I mere object of uncontrolled feelings – or an experience of truly greatness? If it was great, are we properly celebrating it? Or does greatness simply be acknowledged by the many grins of happy people? Though sometimes greatness doesn’t bring the turned up lips and twinkling of eyes. It brings tears and confusion and that’s much out of my union… the water does look great. 

Written by Alecia Writes


This blog post is fulfilling a sponsor perk called, ‘She Writes’ for, Connie! Where she got to choose what it’s about and how long she wanted it to be (up to 1200 words) as long as it was Fiction!

Thank-you for supporting my IndieGoGo Campaign, Connie! Your support is very much appreciated! I am absolutely thrilled that you chose this perk!

My IndieGoGo Campaign


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 Hello! I know that I usually don’t do two post in one day, but I would like to tell you something very exciting! This week I created my first ever IndieGoGo fund to help raise funds to successfully self-publish my first novel! It’s from October 1st to November 1st. And you can read all about it here! 

If you would like to help, it would be greatly appreciated! I never thought I’d have such a wonderful blogging community here on word press! You are all amazing, wonderful people and I thank you in advance.

If you also have any questions for me, please feel free to comment here, or email me through my contact page.

Thank you!

~ Alecia

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