GISHWHES That’s Why!


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Hello! I’m partaking in GISHWHES this year – and I’m looking for a team! Since registration has been postponed for another four days I thought, ‘hey, I should ask if any of these amazing people want to be apart of my team. Why? Because GISHWHES That’s Why!’

I’m looking for out of the box thinker’s and kind-hearted, innovative individuals! (Try saying that 10x fast) 

GISHWHES stands for ‘Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen’

And I mean… the title says it all. It is a global scavenger hunt that nudges you to become the best possible, creative version of yourself. You get to meet new people, tie new friendship knots and partake in a wonderful type of crazy. It’s from August 2-9th.

Text from GISHWHES website: “The 2014 Winning Team will be flown to “King’s Landing” in Croatia where they will set sail on a pirate ship captained by Misha Collins and be treated to a survivor-style weekend adventure of revelry, mayhem and wondermentation.”

So what do you say, teammate? Want to turn that dreaded first week of August into a voyage of laughter and creativity?

I think you do.

The registration Fee is a mere $18.89 – That’s cheaper entertainment then one night at the movie theatre… and for a whole week! Not even counting the mind-blowing life points you’ll get to add to your ‘invisible life experience bank’.

You can comment here, message me through the ‘contact’ page or DM on Twitter if you’re interested. I would love to have you apart of my team!



The Peculiar Chronicles ~ Leaping


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The Peculiar Chronicles, 

I’m trying to make myself a leaper. You know, ‘leap of faith.’ Creating a blog was one (check!) taking part in NaNoWriMo and CampNaNoWriMo (check and check!)  and now it is time for another leap; participating in GISHWHES. I know.. I know for those of you who are aware what GISHWHES is, you’ll be grinning as you’re reading this… or crying or perhaps praying for me.

GISHWHES stands for ‘Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen’ 

I’ve never participated in such a thing before and I see it as another wonderful ‘leap’ that I could take. Mainly for the pure adventure that I hear it brings, and supposedly its madness. -I am a writer after all. A little mad does a writers works wonders. 

I’ll keep you updated! As it starts in August.

Till next time!

Love, Alecia

Distasteful Soup


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“Someday’s I listen to music a little too loud.” I said, pausing staring up at the clock above the shrink’s head. It was mocking me, with each tug of its hand. Only seconds had gone by.

“What do you mean?” Agatha asked me.

I thought about it, and honestly I didn’t know how to reply. What did I mean? Do I ever say anything at all, that has meaning? I decided it was best just to shrug my shoulders in response. Ms shrink, (she prefers if I call her Agatha, I prefer Ms shrink) then bent her head down creating a second chin beneath her given one to scratch something down on her leather-bound notepad. I’m sure it was something about how I couldn’t ever make up my mind.

“Tell me your view on today’s world events Delilah. As well as how you feel about them.” She question in a soft, hypnotic voice.

“Just today?”

“Whatever you like.”

I nodded. Hesitating, again. Looking up at the clock, again. I always had to think about her questions. I didn’t want to answer to quick. (I don’t know, I read it online after I typed, ‘how to get your shrink to think your okay.’) “My view, is poor. Were being feed a soup that’s full of the exact ingredients that they want us to eat. I am numb to my surroundings. Casting myself into a life where I don’t notice the present. It’s to painful. I don’t want to hear about city going to war. Children being kidnapped. It makes me heartbroken. So If I don’t see, if I don’t stop for that fraction of a second to feel. I’ll be okay.”

“That’s an interesting take on it.”

I didn’t reply. I had nothing else to say. I could already see how indecisive and blind I was acting. She was probably adding that to her notes about me too. Then at that moment, the room grew quiet. It seemed as if a dry mop was dropped into the middle of it, soaking up every fine sound. Spinning it self around the beige leather couch – that match her notepad – to her wooden rocking chair, to an oversized deep oak desk that disappointedly sat in the corner of the room.

Ms shrink finally spoke up. “But what if you did? Took that time to feel. What would you do?”

“Dunno.” I replied, lying. I’d cry.

“I think it would be overwhelming for you. For anyone really.” I guess it was time for Ms shrink to pause. “Delilah, I think everyone is growing numb. To much pain, too much loss. But what if the whole world felt. What do you think they would do?”

“Everyone?” I asked, frowning. “I think, they would do something to change it. Nobody wants to be sad.”

Written by Alecia Writes


10 Month Blog Evaluation


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Hello! First off, thank-you so much for all of your support following this blog. It means the world to me, and I very much appreciate it. Second off, this is this blog tenth month of running! How exciting! With 79 posts and 546 of you amazing, wonderful people following it! I thought it be time to do an ‘evaluation’. And with that I created a poll of some current/some new post ideas to get your feedback on. What would you like to read more of on this blog? (You can check more than one box and make sure to hit ‘vote’ afterwards) In advance, thank-you for your feedback! I hope you have a wonderful day! ~ Alecia Writes 

The dinner date


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His footsteps echoed louder than he would have liked. But between the stone roads and puddles of rainwater it was nearly impossible to be stealthy. But then again, what did he need to be stealthy for? Sneaking out of a dinner date with a crazed ex shouldn’t be the most challenging task, but when that crazed ex is a private investigator with a pair of handcuffs she calls, ‘gotcha’, the world manages to shape itself into the next famous thriller movie. So here I am. My evening summed up in splashes of puddles and cursed grumbles of my decision to meet with her. I knew it would end one of two ways, like this – or with me in her trunk.

Written By Alecia Writes

Little Moments


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Little moments swirl and catch at our clothing as we let our bodies memorize the clouds. Counting slow breaths and slow moments. I roll onto my side. I trace the pattern of trees roots and misplaced vines on the inside of your palm. And I let out a breathed chuckle when I notice the amount of leaf dust and strands of grass thats gotten tangled in your hair. It littlebirdydoesn’t bother you, you just stay staring at the clouds. Picking out shapes that resemble your dreams. You’ve already saw your dream car and perfect home. I don’t say anything as your raise your right hand and try to point it out to me. I can’t see it and direct my eyes else where. Surprised and humbled  I felt when I saw a bird’s nest. It is woven with sticks and golden hay from the next door farm. I patted your shoulder. “Look.” I whispered. I wanted you to see the little animal tucked away behind emerald leaves. You turn your head slightly and nod. I stayed smiling. It’s the little moments I guess.

Writing and photo by Alecia Writes      


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