Do you have any Change?

Christian glanced at his wallet, then back up to his brother. “Hunter, I don’t have any change.”  He said while shaking his wallet. His brother’s eyes shot up quickly from his cellphone to glare at him. The line was slowly becoming shorter as more people paid their way and walked to their seats. Soon it will be their turn to get on the bus.

“I don’t have any change either.” Hunter spoke grimly, remembering that he only had a twenty-dollar bill. Why didn’t I think about this before? Hunter thought, the bus is two dollars per person. Always has been. 

“Christian! What are we going to do? Mum gave you enough change for the both of us!” Hunter shouted. He could feel the nearby strangers burning gaze. They probably were thinking that he was a horrible brother.

“You shouldn’t have depended on me. You know better… I did have the money, but I wanted this!” His younger brother replied, pulling out a chocolate bar. A quick expression of pity washed over Hunters face before he masked it with anger.

“You wanted a chocolate bar? You spent the money on a chocolate bar! Mum gave it specifically to you not to spend!”

Christian shoved his hands into his pockets along with his treat. He didn’t want his older brother to see that his hands were shaking. He closed his eyes, bracing for Hunters sinister words.

“I can’t believe you. This is why you get treated the way you do.” Hunter spoke quietly, his voice stern.

“He’s not going to let us on the bus.” Christian mumbled.

“What? If that’s a case, were sleeping on the park benches tonight, little brother.”

Hunter stepped on first, greeting the driver. He tried explaining to the older man that they had no coin for the ride and they really need to get on it. But the driver only responded with; ‘this was your responsibility,’ and ‘people your age, always wanting everything for free.’ Hunter nodded, and tried to look ashamed. He would allow the driver to speak ill of him, and his age group if it helped get him and his brother on the bus. “I’ll deal with you two afterwards.” The bus driver grumbled, waving at the two young girls to step on first. Hunter nodded and he stepped aside. One of the girls was dressed rather causal, but her friend looked like a she was going to the ball.

Hunter looked to Christian whom glowed with thoughts. The younger brother stepped out blocking the girl’s paths to their seats. They look startled. Be charming, he thought. Like Hunter always appeared. Girls like Hunter, so they must like the charm. Christian cleared his throat and spoke up; “Do you guys have any change? ” He said, forgetting to say please. His voice shook. Charming. They both looked at him. Shaking their heads to say ‘no’. The one even smiled sadly and said, ‘sorry’ as she continued to her seat. They walked by quickly and Christian mumbled a, ‘thanks anyways.’

Hunter looked back smiling getting ready to admit defeat. There were only four seats left on the bus, now two stood empty.

The old man shifted in his seat, sighing. You’d think he was making the hardest decision of his life. “What’s your name?” He asked.

“Hunter. Behind me is my younger brother, Christian.”

“You guys get on, and sit down.” He motioned to the both of us.

“Thank-you!” Hunter breathed, grabbing Christian and pulling him to the seat. He didn’t want to give the driver a chance to change his mind. When the bus rolled to a stop everyone got off, including the two young girls. They walked by wished my brother and I a goodnight and thanked the driver.

“Hunter.” Christian spoke. “Please don’t tell mum.”

Hunter raised his eyebrows contemplating the idea. He kneeled down to look at Christian. Who was chewing his bottom lip nervously.

“Alright. I won’t.” Hunter replied looking passed him, at a lit up coffee shop. The people looked happy, sipping on their drinks inside. The soft music drifted out the doors, from the people coming and going. “Come on, I’ll buy you a hot chocolate.” Christian eyes grew at his brother’s response; he wasn’t expecting that answer at all.

“Really?” Hunter’s little brother replied.

“Yes, there’s no reason to end the night off badly. Were close to home, got a free bus ride. Let’s go get a warm drink.” Christian looked up at his brother and grabbed his hand speaking; “Thanks, I’ll share my chocolate bar with you.”

Hunter laughed, “I was hoping you’d share.”

Written by: Alecia Writes

Side Note: I would love to hear your feedback on this story, and I am open to kind constructive criticism.

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  1. I liked this piece more than today’s. This feels good to me.

    1. I’m glad to hear that you liked it! 🙂

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