Old jazz stopped and played in the background. Scratching out the shrieks of near by people; as Jane walked past a series of mirrors. She thought that the haunted house this year had chosen a good soundtrack, it added more reality to the set up of ‘ghosts’ and ‘goblins’ along with the occasional blood thirsty ‘vampire’. She examined her appearance that was mimicked through the glass. It stretched and pulled her image to shapes that were completely unnatural. The mirrors were very old, she noticed. – spotted with mold and grime.  Her blonde hair appeared short and wide and her lengthy body was rounded. Jane let out a slight chuckle; the haunted house was the same as it was every year. She leaned in closer looking at her mocked self in the glaze, making faces. She stopped suddenly, embarrassed by a few deceased  princesses that stumbled by laughing. The scent of fake blood and cheep beer progressed as they passed by.  Ironically, a few of them were her friends from school. But Jane wasn’t sure if she’d count them as ‘friends’ they didn’t even speak a greeting when the walked by. She ignored them, as did they to her. More screams. “Send her in!” Jane called to her mother. Hoping that she could hear her. There were five chapters in the haunted house and she just made it through chapter one, ‘stealing your essence, house of mirrors’. Each year she would go through this practice with her parents. It would be her job to make sure that the haunted house was ‘family friendly’ for her younger sister. Jane didn’t like how her mother always babied her younger sibling, but that was probably because she used her as the sitter.

“So far so good!” Jane called out.

Only moments later, a four-foot something young girl appeared in the reflection of the mirror behind her. Her white and orange witch costume  glowed in the black lighting. “Faith, aren’t these cool!” Jane spoke, not turning around. She was still amused by these mirrors. She heard an alarm and looking up, she glanced at the message board; it started to count down from 300. “Looks like someone ratted us out for being here to long. We should move to the next chapter.” Jane looked to her sister through the mirror, she nodded and smiled. She reached out her hand but didn’t feel her sister take it. “Faith!?” She said. Seeing the back of her younger sister looking at the opposite mirror. Jane turned her head to the side, slowly glancing at every mirror in the room. Each had a different view of her sister. “Wow, where are you?” She asked the air, amused at the power of angles. Jane turned back around facing the mirror, that she was making faces in earlier. Her younger sister once again stood behind her, but she held her older sisters hand. But Jane’s arms were crossed tightly against her chest. “Neat trick, now where are you Faith?” She spoke softly.

“I’m right here Jane, you’re holding my hand.” Faith replied.

“I’m not.”

“Silly you! Don’t try to scare me.” Jane’s younger sibling laughed.

She glance back up at the clock, it was counting down from 20 now.

“We should move on, the clock is almost out. The next group will be coming in soon.”

“What? It’s hasn’t even started yet. We got time.”

Jane watched as her reflection lips started to turn into a smirk, she was still holding Faith’s hand. The reflection didn’t copy as Jane started to blink rapidly. “Faith!” she called lunging closer to the mirror. A strong voice started to count down from ten. It echoed in Jane’s mind, as she slammed her body against the mirror, over and over. “Faith!” Jane yelled for the last time, stepping back. Thoughts rushed through her mind, no one’s here, that’s why my friends didn’t say hi. They couldn’t see me.

Jane fixed her eyes on the glass as a heavy red curtain crashed to the floor, blocking her sight of the mirror. The countdown stopped and the jazz music started.

Jane fell back dazed. Her mom shouldn’t be worried about the level of ‘spookiness’ in this haunted house; she should have been worried about the mirrors.

Written by: Alecia Writes

Side Note: I would love to hear your feedback on this story, and I am open to kind constructive criticism.

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