The Peculiar Chronicles ~ Fifth Week

The Peculiar Chronicles,

It’s ought to be simple, and it is. I have to remind myself that. Lot’s of things in life are a lot simpler then I realized. For the win: getting words down on paper. Sometimes I’m in a mood and writing is the last thing I want to do, but if I force myself to sit down and start typing – hours fly by without realizing that I’m writing. My mind is lost in the words, watching everything fall into place. Like siting at a theatre watching a movie.  Myself included as most writers, are all dreamers and it makes me smile as pure glee runs through my veins thinking about it. I love that I’ve taken the challenge, and chosen to be a writer. I often dream about the day when my novel is published and people are reading the words that I have written. I like to dream about the day when I can make a living doing something that I love. I can’t wait till that day comes, but if I stay dreaming, I’ll never get any writing done. Which is something I’m frequently reminding myself. So I leave you with a question this week to ponder; where do dreams come from?

Till next week!





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