Listing, not replying the girl sat. The grass was damp. Her hand was held by her beloved. His grip was firm yet gentle. She gave into it, holding his hand back. He talked about waiting for the stars to shine. He talked about his past. But all she wanted was for the sun to rise. Life was growing dark for them. Both waiting for some form of light. It was to dark to ignore, so he talked about it. She wouldn’t, she refused. Instead she would stay staring. Waiting for his stars to shine and her sun to rise. But night seemed to come first, always. His voice drowned in and out – full of frustration. She listened to him and nodded. The grass was damp, it was cold. Her left ear started to ring, and she hushed him, only for him to lower his pitch, so she hushed him again – then he stopped. Both stared up at the sky, watching. Then light from 400 years ago shinned down on them from the stars. He grinned and held her tighter – now waiting for her sunrise.

Written by: Alecia Writes

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