The Peculiar Chronicles ~ Music

The Peculiar Chronicles,

Do you write to music or read to music?

I know some writers can’t, simply for the distraction or wanting to get up and bust a move every new song. Which, I find myself doing but I love to write to music. Mainly for background noise, and to help set the ‘mood’ when I’m having difficulties writing a particular scene. For that, I have a playlist (which is constantly growing) on my music device to help me out! I tend to lean towards songs that don’t have any lyrics so I can stay concentrated on my writing – but the odd time it helps with the scene! For example when an indifferent scene comes along and you are having difficulties getting to the core of the feelings you’re trying to express, just sit back and listen – feel the lyrics and in no time you’ll be drifted to the ‘write’ mood for that scene! Although I almost always write to music, I can’t have it too loud because it does become a distraction for me. According to what I’m writing I like to swap between different playlist that are either; Adventure/Action, Rage/Revenge, Sadness/Death, Love/Happiness, Eerie/Anxiety, Forgiveness/Hope… and the list goes on but there’s a few of them! They are full of instrumental music, old rock and the occasional jazz song. Really, any song from anywhere that my ears take a liking too!

On the other hand though, I don’t like reading with music in the background. I can cope with it but I do find it being terribly bothersome, especially if it’s a great book! – But if it’s a great book and there is music on, I don’t tend to notice. I guess that was contradictory…

Till next time!


Love, Alecia

3 thoughts on “The Peculiar Chronicles ~ Music

  1. I have to have music going when I write, otherwise the quiet drives me crazy. And, if I’m lucky, a lyric might trigger some new ideas 🙂

    1. I’m the same way, cheers! 🙂

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