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A Shinny New Year

Greetings… I have something to tell you and it is fantastic!

We have a completely New Year that is upon us and it’s gleaming. This is the last time you’ll ever write ‘2013’ as a date on a paper. I wonder what the history books will say about this year? You were apart of it, now you’re apart of this coming year 2014 and it is rapidly approaching. I think it’s fantastic! New starts, new dreams and new goals all to come with the New Year. I’m happily able to wave good-bye to 2013 and hold hands with 2014. I know that I do this frequently and some of you might be tired of hearing it but I want to thank-you deeply, for reading my blog, being apart of my community here and on twitter. I’m very grateful for your comments, follows and favourites. It’s amazing and you are amazing. I honestly think that without you I could not have learned this much about blogging and writing. Thank-you!

I hope you find everything you are looking for in the New Year and your able to accomplish all of your goals!




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