The Strong will Die Thirsty

The feeling of wonderment was trapped in a box, hidden inside a star that shone the brightest. It was far out of human reach. If only the leaders of Earth chose not to lock away parts of the human emotion away. It would have been more beneficial if they left them alone. They thought it would cause everyone to be more peaceful, mellow and Earth would finally be its own heaven, but sadly this is far from true. As the human emotion is what makes them human. Now everyone is wandering around with plastered smiles on their face thinking that something is missing but never knowing what. This makes me sad. At least the humans think they are safe and happy. Though, I don’t think they are truly happy because the essence of that is locked away as well. Every emotion is. Every human is only feeling slightly. I’m sure the happiness is hidden in the North Star, that’s why everyone gazes up at it with yearning eyes. When I look down at them, I can remember the day it happened. I could almost see the revolt’s fires burning from my height. People fought back, but they didn’t choose the right method. After years of war and practice when it mattered the most, they failed. Luckily, they won’t remember. Their governors and leaders tainted the waters, with something from one of my sisters that fell to Earth. They knew that eventually the clean water would disappear – bottles and wells turned dry, they would have to drink from their taps. Thus taking their humanity away and replacing it with nothing. I heard rumors once that in the underdeveloped parts of Earth some people still lurked, but the strong will die thirsty as I say. I resented them for a while, being forced to spend my life watching them and their mistakes but I  am a star and I only have that choice. To watch or to spend my life with shut eyes. Even though saying that I dislike them, I do find the human race to be quite remarkable.  There is always one person that rises up after all the wars and they change the path that their race was heading down. For one person to do that, I find it quite magnificent and most of that world heroes use spoken words to do it. Might I say good Luck Earth, you’ll never be alone. My sisters and I will be watching. Written by Alecia Writes 

4 thoughts on “The Strong will Die Thirsty

  1. Beautifully written!

  2. A very nice piece, it makes you think with eye open. Enjoyed it, Michael 🙂

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