Perfect World

Shay presently thought of dreaming. The way things could feel so real. The way she often thought about it. Shay dreamed in life, and at night. But what if it was real? Another world where her dreams manifested life – her perfect life. Her grandmother used to tell her to get her head out of the clouds because she needed to smell the roses. Shay never understood what she meant. She could smell the roses just fine. She secretly feared that if she were ever to lose her ability to dream; that girl in that perfect world would cease to be. It would get twisted and stretched till it was no more. Till she reached adult hood that she would fear, and still does. Shay doesn’t want her perfect world to disappear among the silent lies we never say. She want’s to keep it real, and only when she had that thought she decided something important. Her perfect world, with her dream imagined self. That girl who always wanted to be her, she is. Written By Alecia Writes    

4 thoughts on “Perfect World

  1. I could identify with Shay. Good writing, Alecia 🙂

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