Kings, the Evil Child

“Why did you choose me? I know why she chose me, but you?” I asked.

“I chose you because you are evil, Kings.” He replied, and I had to take a step back.

That word, evil. Was all to familiar too me. It was the way he thought of me since I was born, the evil child. The child who stole his wife. If only I could look back on the moments that lead up to this one, I would have preferred to be non-existent. There was a time when I believed him; I was that evil child that he told everyone about. It had hurt me, but I refuse to let it affect me. That was a lie. There was even a time when I wanted to prove him right, I am that evil child. I had sinister plots, and plans to screw with his head. Hell, I wanted to take over his head. But that didn’t last long. I can thank her for that, she was the one person that had faith in me. Faith in the evil child. Though she hated me too, at the start, but stood for me. She taught me how to stand straight, hold my head high and hide my bruises. It doesn’t matter though, she’s gone and won’t come back. That beautiful gypsy girl who skipped town on our wedding day. That’s how I’ll always remember her. I’m okay with that; it would have been a disaster anyways. I tell myself. 

“I wish you didn’t.” I said looking at the ground noticing the shattered glass and cigarettes butts that littered where I stood. “You know what, never mind. I won’t allow myself to limp back to you, and your fake embrace. I can, I can, do it by myself, however scary it may be. I can do it.” I added looking into the man’s eyes in front of me. His black hair was streaked with grey and his tired eyes were a pair of blank tapes staring back at me. Re-winding and fast-forwarding the memories of his choosing.

“Your on your own.” He said mimicking a gun with his left hand, he pointed it straight to my heart. Luckily, there was nothing there anymore. 

 “I’ll always be.” I replied turning to leave. “Goodbye Father.”

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