Don’t forget Me

Angela sat alone at the coffee shop. It was the only one on fourth street that didn’t make their coffee too strong. She hated strong coffee. She started to look around realizing that the coffee shop was full of couples, and pairs of two. It didn’t take long for her to realize that it was Valentines day. As if the shop being decorated in paper hearts weren’t her first clue. She was the only single person in the shop – and the only person with her nose stuck in a book. To be honest, she wasn’t even sure what she was doing here but every Thursday at 3:45pm she came. Perhaps it was to get her out of the house, or maybe because she found people watching highly addictive but regardless,  she wasn’t even there for twenty minutes before two people got engaged. Apparently Valentines day makes for the perfect opportunity to infuse your daily habits with fairytale endings. Everyone got up and cheered, and most of them cried – out of joy she hoped. Angela thought about leaving, to save herself from her thoughts.  Somehow each man in the shop reminded her of one of her past dates, relationships and flings. So she shuddered and turned the page of her book. It was almost impossible to read as another man knelt on his knee to propose to his future wife. She was a brunette, that had a bright green handbag on her shoulder and for a split second she imagined herself standing there. With doe eyes, and glossy lips. But that would never happen, because she missed her fairytale ending years ago. She missed it to a man that she never exchanged a word to. She would pass him on the streets and they would exchange glances as strong as electricity. They would just pass each other forcing the world to rotate again, without even a word. Sometimes she wondered if it was just her that felt that ‘connection’ and perhaps he was just staring at her because she was staring at him. It was plausible because every chance they had to say hello, they would find themselves scrambling out of speaking distance like ants from water. Or at least she did. One time Angela even knocked over a pyramid of soup cans by mistake when she saw him coming towards her in the grocery store. The thought of it still makes her shake her head in embarrassment.

She turned another page of her book, worried that someone might have notice that she was staring at the same page for ten minutes already and she didn’t want to look more pathetic than she was sure she already did. So she flipped another page and took a sip of her coffee and thought about her fairytale ending. Knowing that she had at least five more minutes to daydream about it before she had to flip another page. Her fairytale ending wasn’t getting married or having children, but it was just the chance to speak to him, the man who she shared a spark with, Maverick Evans, she only hoped that at the heart rate her heart would be going at that moment she wouldn’t go into cardiac arrest. She could imagine him now. Sitting across from her, smelling like fresh air and grinning with his perfectly white, and symmetrical teeth. He would be wearing glasses, with red rims and a button up shirt, that matched his only dimple on his left cheek. Quirky, she knows, but that would be her fairytale ending.

“Hello.” A voice said and she quickly turned the page of her book and looked up. Her brown eyes met a pair of blue ones, with glasses brimmed with red, and a one dimpled face. Now, Angela was sure that she was daydreaming far to often becomes her brain was becoming accustom to them and created hallucinations to her benefits. She almost wasn’t going to reply because of it. “My name is Maverick.” The voice added, and Angela knew that this wasn’t a hallucination. She had to prompt herself to reply, feeling the sudden surge of electricity running through her veins once more.

“I know” She replied, closing her book and setting it on the table with a smile.

“Great.” He said, “I was so worried about you, since you ran out of the grocery store when I came to pick you up – but that doesn’t matter anymore. I’m here for you now love, and I always will be Angela Evans. Right to the end, I love you.” Maverick said with a whisper, he was trying not to cry because he knew it would alarm her and she would start screaming for her mother, one who passed away years ago. “Happy Valentines day, love.” He added, reaching for her hand.

“Sorry, who are you?” Angela said, quickly shuffling her body weight to the back of the hospital bed. She started to feel panicked, then realized that another couple were getting engaged. So she smiled and clapped along with everyone else and picked up her book once more. She looked at her husband, Maverick and asked if she could have another coffee and told him to add it to her bill.

“Of course Miss.” He replied, smiling sadly.

Written by Alecia Writes

Side Note: Happy Valentines day! Thank-you for all of your continuing support, and love with this blog and twitter. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I like your writing style

  2. Yeah, I agree. That was great!!!!! Thank you!

  3. Nicely written. Have you been to PL?

    1. Thank-you and yes I have! 🙂

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