Did you see it?

Your face feel’s slightly numb, and you can see your breath. It’s making swirls in the wind when you exhale. This reminds you of your family skiing trip when you were six. You broke your foot that day, and couldn’t ski for the rest of the week. You shake your left foot in remembrance and the snow tumbles off like water on a ducks wings. You noticed that the buckle on your brown pair of boots took a liking to the cold air, and formed ice crystals. You’ve been outside to long, as your feet are growing damp but you can’t help but stay outside. The cold fuels your desire to mentally catalog every detail you see. From the frosted tree’s that sent sways in and out with the falling snow. To the vibrant colors that haven’t been swallowed by winters grasp. You notice the way the sun is hitting the snowflakes, it is shinning in from the left and you can’t help but squint it’s so bright. The snowflakes are no longer snowflakes they are falling diamonds. Glinting off the sun’s light, reaching the earth silently. You shiver and smile. Listing to the diamonds raining down and the birds over your head. It sounds like they are singing in pace with the snow falling. You can’t help but feel an overwhelming urge to form a round snowball in your hand. You throw it and wait to hear its fall. You watch and walk towards it. The snow crunches beneath your boots so you take heavier steps. You’re truly in a winter wonderland. Now, tell me, did you see it?

Written by Alecia Writes

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