The Peculiar Chronicles ~ Time

The Peculiar Chronicles,

I have not chronicled anything new lately and I thought it is about time.  Is it odd to say that I love, that I love writing? Maybe so, but it is true. I’ll perch myself on the edge of my chair awkwardly writing for hours on end. My mind will be on overload with creativity and new plot lines. I’ll be slowly going insane with outbursts of  “Yes! Good idea!” and “Why! WHy WHY! Did I include that?” it’ll be quite the adventure. But that’s what writing is all about. Adventure! I’ll write for hours and sometimes it won’t be much, it’ll be a pathetic amount really, and other times it will be handfuls of chapters, it’s all how it goes.

I like to wake up early and write, and then after the world goes to sleep again I’ll pick up where I left off. I’ll write till my tea grows cold and my dog, Louie, is barking at me to have an intense game of tug-o-war. Now, that’s an adventure. I’ll write short stories, poetry and blurbs about stuff. Yes, stuff. Currently I’ve been editing my novel; filling the deep, dark holes, binding the wounds and once in a while feeding the characters. I find when you are doing something you love, you lose the grasp time has on you. It simply dissolves away the agreement you have with time. You are no longer fighting it, or trying to shove it in a closet to lock it away. You are merely able to not notice it, which is wonderful in my books. 

How do you spend your time?

Till next time!




4 thoughts on “The Peculiar Chronicles ~ Time

  1. Hi Alecia! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a little footprint – it’s much appreciated. I can see you have a passion for writing, which is great, as I love to read! 🙂 I usually spend my “borrowed” time (i.e. procrastinating..) doodling and sketching or lurking on blogs. Sometimes it can be a great stress-reliever. Here’s to more blogging!

    1. Hello! No worries, thank-you! I can totally relate with you.
      This made my whole day, here’s to more blogging! 🙂

  2. First of all, thank you for “liking” my recent post. Secondly, I like your WP layout. As a graphic designer, it conveys a sense of peace and calm. And, lastly, yes, following the siren sound of creativity makes the passage of time a distant concept.

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