The Call

The phone rang, and everyone froze. Not a single person made a move to reach for it. It’s red, reflective body sat patiently on the hand crafted oak table, ringing. Its high-pitched siren call almost drowned out the screaming of Samson in the background.

“Do not pick up that call!” He yelled, and nobody did. Nobody wanted too.

It took far to long for the voicemail option to kick in but when it did an electronic voice screeched; “You have won a Caribbean Cruise! Enter your credit card number to redeem!”

After hearing that message everyone quickly exchanged warning glances, and let out breaths that could have warmed up the Arctic.

“Spam.” Samson chuckled, taking out the phone battery aggressively and throwing it in the trash can.

Written by Alecia Writes 

2 thoughts on “The Call

  1. I love how as a reader I can almost make up my own parts of the short story, I enjoy your style, allows for my imagination to have some fun.

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