The water rushed in to greet them and just as quickly it pulled them out. Feet first. Its strong arms tugged them in. Its touch was sharp and defining. They swam out farther, hoping to find a shore. Not knowing they were going the wrong way. But this time they couldn’t see the bottom, as it was endless. They stopped moving and allowed themselves to feel their surroundings. It’s cool touch, softly damaging. Their minds were running faster than they could move. Noticing something glint with life, in the murky grey waters. It’s moving fins as it surfaced. Glazing the top like a fresh pastry. It took the people’s hands and pulled them in the right directions. It knew they were lost, but didn’t have any power to bring them home. It just hoped they took the new direction with silence, as they were not meant to be here. In the open water were stillness meant survival. It waited briefly, sighing at them. Making the water ripple inwards. The people waited, turning their heads around. Looking for something. But nothing looked back except the old eyes of time.

Written by Alecia Writes

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