The Peculiar Chronicles ~ When are you a Writer?

The Peculiar Chronicles,

When are you a writer and what even makes you a writer? Is it when you see your book siting on a crammed book shelve with your name printed in large letters? Or is it that defining moment when you decide to write something indefinitely?

I don’t know.

If you could see me right now, I would be sitting at my kitchen table staring at my computer screen with a pair of winged glasses sitting tight against my face. You could hear my dog snoring from beneath the table and two muffled voices coming from the radio box. The window would be cracked slightly, letting in just enough of the cool, fresh air to help clear thinking. If you looked close enough you could see words twirling around the room, finding their way to my fingers and my heart. They would be scattered in the room and hidden beneath carpet. I’m still sifting through them all, but I think you are a writer the moment you want to be. You are a writer the moment you write your first word on that blank page. I started writing because I loved reading. What’s are your thoughts?

Till next time! @aleciawrites

Love, Alecia

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