Creativity Bank

Imagine there was a new bank in your neighbourhood. Tall and grand. Its blue with gold trims and has people lined up out the door. The walk way is paved with cement and gravel and you can hear soft instrumental music humming from the walls. And the people are happy. Smiling large and shifting awkwardly from foot to foot as the minutes pass. The line moves steady and the sky is blue with a hint of clouds. You want to see what all the commotion is about. You’ve seen flyers and heard radio ads, all saying come down to this new bank! So you did. It’s your payday and you’ve been meaning to find a new bank anyways. But your are surprised when you walk through the doors and see high ceilings with brightly painted walls. You look up and see a young curly hair woman wave you to her desk. You can hear your footsteps echo slightly on the stone floor as you head her way. She greets you with a large smile and says, “Welcome to the Creativity Bank! We invest in you, and you invest in us! What kind of creativity account would you like to open today? Oh! And welcome yourself to the buffet table – she points to your left – or the drawing room – she points to your right – if you’re in need of a moment to decide.”

Written by Alecia Writes


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