You are your Dreams

His name was carved into melted dreams. Need I say more? He brushed his hands against his knees and patiently watched it push itself off the table and onto the floor. He pulled back his feet as it raced towards him. Quickly it surged at him as he kept taking steps back, one after the other. His dreams had melted, why are they torturing him?

He bagged at the heavens to make it stop. He’d not wished for this. You may have let your dreams melt son, but they will never leave you. The boy made a face, as he let the warm, dense body of dreams crawl over his feet and up his legs. It struggled up his spine and it halted at his hands. You are your dreams. Written by Alecia Writes

Side Note: I just want to give a quick apology for those who have contacted me through WordPress about certain topics and I didn’t respond. I was unaware that WordPress filtered the messages through the ‘contact the writer’ page and some ended-up in the spam box – which I didn’t check regularly! So if you never got a response from me, so sorry! Wishing you all a wonderful day! ~ Alecia


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