Her Chicken Scratch / Short Stories


The shadows peeled off, from the busy wallpaper and examined the strangers in front of them. They managed to group themselves in between the clusters of the ‘solids’. While humming and mumbling amongst themselves. Making sure to sound scratchy like an old radio playing or some from of street noise. They nod, admiring and pitying the … Continue reading

Her Chicken Scratch / Short Stories


My hands grasped a black-and-white photograph greedily, as tears streamed down my hollow cheeks. “I remember this day.” I said. “I remember…” I paused, smiling tiredly. “I remember the music.” I gazed at the photograph that picture was fading after years of being tapped to my bedroom window. “Back then the music had soul. You know, they said, good … Continue reading

Her Chicken Scratch / Peculiar Chronicles

The Peculiar Chronicles ~ Writer’s Block and How to Send it Packing

 The Peculiar Chronicles, I’m writing about writer’s block, because right now as a writer, I’m blocked. Sometimes the words just don’t come. Like today. It’s rare, but happens. It’s almost as if the dark, looming clouds overhead are soaking up all the loose words with a sponge mop, leaving me wordless. I hear them, gurgling … Continue reading