Something Hatched

The young girl danced in place, trying to keep her feet off the ground for as long as gravity laws would allow her, which weren’t that long. So she resulted in screaming. “Something HATCHED!” She’d shout and jump again. “Mum! Something HATCHED!” She’d scream again hearing her own panic in her voice. She brushed off her arms and leaped onto her bed. She kicked off her sheeting. Then soft – quick steps of her mother followed her yelp’s to the middle of her bedroom.

“Darling, what is it you’re going on about?” She’d say, sleepily. The daughter didn’t answer and so the mother just stared blankly at her. It was two in the morning. Then suddenly the mother felt something scurry across her foot. It was fast and prickly. Then again. On her arm. “Henry!” She shouted. Leaping onto her daughter’s oval desk. “Something Hatched!”

The young girl sighed, scrunching her nose with distaste. “Dad! Bring the vacuum!” She added, thinking, never leaving dirty dishes in here again.

Written by Alecia Writes

5 thoughts on “Something Hatched

  1. Haha–that is awesome! God bless u!

      1. 😀

  2. This made me shiver, keep up the great short stories

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