The Peculiar Chronicles ~ Writer’s Block and How to Send it Packing

 The Peculiar Chronicles,

I’m writing about writer’s block, because right now as a writer, I’m blocked.

Sometimes the words just don’t come. Like today. It’s rare, but happens. It’s almost as if the dark, looming clouds overhead are soaking up all the loose words with a sponge mop, leaving me wordless. I hear them, gurgling and whispering in the shadows. Poking me with sharp sticks. “Write!” They say. “Write!” They say again, and it goes on. It’s almost annoying, but for however annoying it is, I am grateful for that voice. That’s what pushes me to write – that and you wonderful people. But nonetheless I think for me, writers block is more of a ‘mood’. Then being stuck creatively. Or, maybe they are the same thing, but here’s how I get over it…with a Strong Ladder and a First Aid Kit.

The Strong Ladder Method – Okay, you’re on a ladder climbing to the top. Where do you start? The bottom! Find one word to use as your first step. It could be a colour, aroma or an object – anything. Then keep stepping up from there.


The word: purple

What am I going to do with this word? How could I use it?

‘The mothers scarf cascaded off her shoulders in memory of a purple sunset she saw as a young woman. Ever since then…’

The First Aid Kit Method– Och! Your writer brain hurts, but mostly from all the traction on your thoughts of what to write next. Heal that blistering headache with a little blue pill called experience. And what I mean by that is go out and try something new. (Even if it is just trying out a new coffee shop, or trying to take your very unimpressed cat for a walk) Jump start your thoughts. When your eyes see something new, that little blue pill will kick into that memory bank, idea bank and more importantly – the writing bank.

Example: This day, I might as well change my name to ‘Writers Block’ because that’s all that I was experiencing. Until I through my hands in the air and attempted to curse my writer’s block, I took a walk. Down a very busy street that I never been down before. The new smells and music that was drifting through the air teared my writers block into nothingness with a big ol’ jackhammer.

So, if you’re experiencing writer’s block, try these methods out!

Till next time!


Love, Alecia

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  1. Sound advice, keep it simple, keep the ink flowing.

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