The Peculiar Chronicles ~ Deep fried pickles & Sitting down to write

The Peculiar Chronicles, 

I tried a deep-fried pickle for the first time today. It was fantastic! I thought it would merely be warmed version of the food itself, but it was more of a warm, luscious, savoury-tangy version. So there’s that. And this. My small confession – Lately I am afraid to sit myself down and write because I never know what will come out. It’s like deciding what condiments to use for your sandwich, if that makes any sense. But I love to write, I love being creative with my words, so how could that be? Though, the days where I am hesitant are the days when I write my best. I ignore the characters screaming and the dropping plot, it just all comes out in perfect unplanned spurts of sweet, lickable words.

Have a spectacular weekend!

Till next time!


Love, Alecia

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