Little Moments

Little moments swirl and catch at our clothing as we let our bodies memorize the clouds. Counting slow breaths and slow moments. I roll onto my side. I trace the pattern of trees roots and misplaced vines on the inside of your palm. And I let out a breathed chuckle when I notice the amount of leaf dust and strands of grass thats gotten tangled in your hair. It littlebirdydoesn’t bother you, you just stay staring at the clouds. Picking out shapes that resemble your dreams. You’ve already saw your dream car and perfect home. I don’t say anything as your raise your right hand and try to point it out to me. I can’t see it and direct my eyes else where. Surprised and humbled  I felt when I saw a bird’s nest. It is woven with sticks and golden hay from the next door farm. I patted your shoulder. “Look.” I whispered. I wanted you to see the little animal tucked away behind emerald leaves. You turn your head slightly and nod. I stayed smiling. It’s the little moments I guess.

Writing and photo by Alecia Writes      

5 thoughts on “Little Moments

  1. Ah reminds of me of a bird nest in a tree in my backyard a few years ago! The mom bird laid eggs in the nest and I witnessed the whole process of the little birdies from being hatched to flying away on their own (:

  2. Is that a robin’s nest? I thought we would have one this year, but my Kitty-Kitty scared off the parents. Probably for the best, as the nest wouldn’t have been safe with her around.

    1. It is a robins nest. As sad as it is, it makes sense! I used to have a cat that did the same thing, no birdies came around with her ‘guarding’ the yard!

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