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GISHWHES That’s Why!

Hello! I’m partaking in GISHWHES this year – and I’m looking for a team! Since registration has been postponed for another four days I thought, ‘hey, I should ask if any of these amazing people want to be apart of my team. Why? Because GISHWHES That’s Why!’

I’m looking for out of the box thinker’s and kind-hearted, innovative individuals! (Try saying that 10x fast) 

GISHWHES stands for ‘Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen’

And I mean… the title says it all. It is a global scavenger hunt that nudges you to become the best possible, creative version of yourself. You get to meet new people, tie new friendship knots and partake in a wonderful type of crazy. It’s from August 2-9th.

Text from GISHWHES website: “The 2014 Winning Team will be flown to “King’s Landing” in Croatia where they will set sail on a pirate ship captained by Misha Collins and be treated to a survivor-style weekend adventure of revelry, mayhem and wondermentation.”

So what do you say, teammate? Want to turn that dreaded first week of August into a voyage of laughter and creativity?

I think you do.

The registration Fee is a mere $18.89 – That’s cheaper entertainment then one night at the movie theatre… and for a whole week! Not even counting the mind-blowing life points you’ll get to add to your ‘invisible life experience bank’.

You can comment here, message me through the ‘contact’ page or DM on Twitter if you’re interested. I would love to have you apart of my team!