It’s all for the Adventure

It’s all for the adventure.

The air smelt disgusting; it almost makes me vomit just thinking about it, really. It was like that thick, sticky smell.  I was even tempted to stick Vicks up there. It was pretty dark outside too, which didn’t help. At all. Now, I know what you are thinking. Why did you do it then? Why did I attempt to break into the fish market and steal a catfish? Well, to be honest I couldn’t help myself. My curiosity got the best of me and I had to answer to it. And I know, it would make the story easier to swallow if I said my younger siblings dared me to do it, but it was all me and I would have gotten away with it! If I didn’t let out a cursed screech at the exact moment your were walking by with your big ol’ flash lights. But hey, think of it as a favour, you guys caught me because of it. But wouldn’t you be screaming if you dove into a huge container full of fish endings too? Yuck. You guys would have walked right past me anyhoo. So yeah, there was no reason to my actions. I wasn’t on drugs, or doing someone else’s bidding. I was simply being a rebellious pre-teenager who was trying to steal a catfish. I would have named it Sally, you know. If it survived the jolt back home in my rucksack I would have kept it in the bathroom tub, and if it died I would have tried to cook it.

I know. I am probably going to spend the rest of my summer vacation doing community service, but its a win-win. I get to help out the community… and it’s all for the adventure anyways. Just go ahead and call my parents already.

Written by A. Writes. 

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  1. This is cute. I like it. (-:

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