Meet Louie!

He’s my Robin to my Batman – or my Poohbear to my Piglet. He’s my electricity to my light switch…

Meet LouieMeet Louie! My adored, beloved pup. He enjoys long walks on the beach… (just kidding! But he does really love a good walk.) He’s my sidekick that snorts a lot. But that’s just in his pug x nature. And I’m not kidding about the ‘snort’ thing. He does it all the time, it’s how he shows his love towards you when he wants half of your sandwich. That’s just one of the reasons why I love him though. And I agree with all of the dog quotes out there. You know the ones, ‘dogs are mans best friend.’ Which I find to be very true. I mean, Louie, such a comedian will always find away to make anyone closest to him grin so large it stretches off their face. He talks and greets you at the door with a tail so waggly that it takes over his entire body. My neighbours call him, ‘Sir Louie.’ Which I always get a kick out of. He’s my first dog, after being terribly allergic to almost all. He’s my heart and he’s kept me going when the shadows were growing taller than I could see over. He’s my pal. My ‘snorty,’ lively, lovely pal. Who loves anything that squeaks, and anything that he can tear apart teddy wise. And if he hears the theme song to ‘Xena the Warrior Princess’ he comes running, every time. Oh and Kleenex, he really likes kleenex. So there you have it, you’ve met my sassy sidekick. Talk Soon! ~ Alecia

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  1. Precious, just precious! 🙂

  2. Meet Louie is awesome, thank you for sharing

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