The Teachers – Part Four ‘Looking Up’

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The Teachers

Part Four

‘Looking Up’

The take off was extremely rough. The air inside this so-called spaceship was dense and seemed centuries old – knowing Earl it probably was. He was a hoarder, and sometimes it happened to be air. But mostly it was random bits of metal, and old papers. Anything that smelt real bad, he kept proudly.

“Now Kiddo’s, you’ll be strapped in for… lets say… another few breaths, then it’ll let you go, and land where you need to be.” Earls scratchy voice stripped through the speakers. It rattled through Quentin’s brains as did the outside of the ship rattle through the atmosphere.

“What are we supposed to do?” Rosa shouted back.

“Kill the plant.” Earl replied, as if it was something simple. A mere quick tug of roots and it was dead. They two of them didn’t even know how to kill it – or what it was.

If it was absorbing that worlds oxygen like Earl said so, it can’t be strictly green based. It must have some kind of glaucous nano bot inside ( an electronic based plant created from a life form, lives and dies only from the same genetics, based from the nano bot theories that can reproduce) apart of it….which is outlawed. And that’s probably why our parents ran, thought Quentin. ‘.. that is why the sent us… “Earl!” Quentin shouted. “I need, so help me heavens, a yes or a no. Is this plant a glaucous nano based?” He pulled against the heavy straps that rubbed against his arms.

“What’s that?” Rosa asked, clearly lost.

“Earl!” Quentin shouted again.

He didn’t reply.

“Why does it have to be us?” Quentin whispered. We could get to the planet, and just live out the rest of our lives quietly. We don’t have to fix anything. I mean come’ on – who would entrust such a task on a few young kids. This is getting ridiculous – it’s not up to us to fix everyone else’s mistakes. Blood doesn’t mean your tied … does it?

“Hey Quentin..” Rosa asked, sounding sick. “I’m afraid.”

He stopped rambling along in his mind and looked up at her. Her skin was flushed and her eyes were tight. “You’ll be fine.” He swallowed. You’ll be fine. He said again to his self. Everything is going to be just peachy.  

“KIDDO’S!” Earl shouted through the speakers. “Your landing awaits you! The kind here aren’t familiar with you. Like, at all. SO be cautious, and you won’t be hearing from me again, until your back up in the air like a pretty new guardian flying to the rescue. You have about three days or you suffocate here with everyone else. So do it – or die.”

“Thanks for the heads up Earl.” Quentin replied sarcastically.

“You betcha kid, oh and for when you want to leave later, the owners manual is there somewhere, I’m sure. This is the best chance you got for one of you to live… so um, good luck.”

Quentin exhaled, letting go of a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Rosa nodded to him, faked a smile and then let out a surprise screech as the spaceship took a sharp nosedive that caught their missing breaths on the way down or up – Quentin couldn’t tell.


“Woh!” Shouted Marilyn. “Now that’s a UFO!”

“Here we go again…” Lily sighed. “There’s no such THINGS as a UFO. You make me feel like I’m visiting a loony bin every time I come visit you.”

“That’s highly insulting and I strongly disagree with you. Visiting me makes you happy..” Marilyn replied, shaking her head. Her ruby coloured streaks in her blond curls bouncing. “Amuse me, and take a look.”

“Fine.” Lily grumbled, setting down her flashlight and paperback on the patio table. She padded over to Marilyn who stepped away from the telescope. Her eyes widen and Marilyn grinned.

“See!” She clapped. “My aliens are back. Now I only thought they came out on a full moon.”

“No, it must be some sort of space thing. You know those things that go beep? They are like mini space stations or something.”

“You mean go bump in the night?” Marilyn giggled, thrilled. It’s been awhile since she saw the familiar red and white flashing lights. She was even starting to miss them – but then here they are. Lily abruptly stepped away from the telescope. Her face was a conflicting shades of fear against her dark hair.

“This isn’t right!” She screamed, running back into the house. Slamming the old kitchen door behind her. Marilyn chuckled at her friend, keeping her eyes on the sky.

Written by A. Writes.

Part five coming October 2nd! The last one!

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