The Peculiar Chronicles – One Step Up 

I’m working on something new. A new idea.  Causally formed from stringed together thoughts that couldn’t form there own conclusions. And it’s one step up from me doing nothing. I’ve been out sick for the past week – its officially been seven days of a mixture of everything that could make the human body uncomfortable. Fever, sore throat, aches, and so on. But the big thing for me is having no voice. Only but a whisper. So my life has been quiet. Almost tranquil if you take out the dizzy spells and complete exhaustion. I want to say it has brought clarity. Most of the time the odd meandering that would slip off my tongue and into the world wasn’t important. It didn’t change my surroundings, nor bring meaning to the subjects I spoke of. It was just there. Sound. Such noise that creates shape and picture in the mind of the listener. I was honest with myself, only I could hear my own voice now. So why shy? (Sings really over used but still golden song, ‘Let It Go’ from the movie Frozen) Picked away goals re surfaced. Life, education and forgiveness stepped up. Blah blah blah – you don’t want to hear. It just all stepped up. So we’ll see where we end up. Who knows, just out there… My life could be waiting. But please ignore me, I’m probably delirious off of the fact that I’m living off of cough drops and ice cream. 

Talk soon! 


6 thoughts on “The Peculiar Chronicles – One Step Up 

  1. I can see how the silent of no voice can draw us inward to contemplate life. Wise to pause on life when under the weather. Enjoy your writing often invoke my own inward thoughts. Be well.

    1. Thank you! Your thoughtful words are very much appreciated!

  2. No inner thoughts for me when I’m sick. I fill the void with TV.

  3. You need som of my elder magic. Feel better soon! Someone once told me, the body doesn’t lie? So I try now to listen to my body. All the best X

    1. Thank you! Your kind words mean a lot!

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