Stranger Danger

Hello Stranger, be cautious here.

Move lightly, and don’t touch anything. Know that emotions are irrational, and when things start flying – duck.

 I once came home and the house was empty. Cleared out, except for the dust. She left me a little book on the mantel, in a little blue bag and that was that. 

I remember standing there and not knowing what to do. I was alone, left with a little book and the dust bunnies in the corners. Everything was silent, except for my confused tears that shuddered out from me.  She was gone.

The one person that always convinced me to go back, to forgive and forget to give it another shot -was gone. 

Then it was years, and life moves on. But who would I be if that never happened? That thought in itself doesn’t really matter, but it certainly explains a lot. 

It’s funny when you feel alone, and somehow everyone is busy, or you wonder if your being a bug.  But then you realize you are alone, and everything becomes trivial. Once people get what they want, money, love or a punching bag, they come and go. Inconsistency is my norm. 

Yesterday was a rough day, and today might be too. But we’re all just stories in the end. 

The bad days, the good days, the contemplations to the serendipity days. But that’s what life is made up of. 

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  1. Many of us have days like the one described

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