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my tattoo goodbye 

You see, I am back.  I’m reading again, I’m writing again and I’m living again. It’s still dusk, but every day has to have an end. I told myself, that if for some reason, I drove downtown – and found easy street parking I’d walk into a tattoo shop and ask if they had any walk in’s available. So as I drove by, a truck pulled out – leaving me the perfect (and by perfect I mean, I didn’t have to parallel park perfect) spot right across the street. So I parked, plugged the meter and headed in. They could get me in, in 30 minutes, so I talked with the few pretty large fish in the entrance way, mimicking every facial expression I could, then I talked with the amazingly, talented tattoo artist that took a stencil of my shoulder, told me to come back in an hour and then we would get started.

img_2572My tattoo is a goodbye. You don’t need to know the details, but I wanted to take the last little bit of money I had from her and turn it into something beautiful.

I am one of those sentimental people. Stories and random conversations, with random people, are important to me. The past is important to me, and the future is a goal of importance to me.

You see, I got a tattoo. I love it. img_2642It was spontaneous and everything about my experience was perfect. Yes, it has meaning. No, I didn’t spend months thinking about it, but I thought long and hard about it on my way into town…

Yours most of the time,

A. Writes

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6 thoughts on “my tattoo goodbye 

  1. Oh my, I love this. Good for you! It looks good and I love ink that has a story behind it. I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for 3 years. I really need to stop thinking about it and just get it. I know exactly which one I want, but unlike you, haven’t found the guts to just go for it, lol.

    And oh, I cracked up at the part with you talking to the fish. Something I would totally do 😀 lol

    • Thank you! I totally feel you on that. Go for it! You have the easy part done. Please let me know if you get it done! 😀 And I’m glad I’m not the only one! (Thank you for your comment by the way, it made my day!)

  2. I like how the tattoo looks like it was laid gently on your shoulder like a delicate piece of lace. Is very real looking most beautiful.

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