The Peculiar Chronicles: CO Day Two

Hello mates!

Day two of creating a new career opportunity for myself. Yesterday went well, even though I went through a lot of big feelings that ranged from, “hell ya!,” to “what am I thinking?!”

It’s as hard as one expects. Stepping out of ones carefully carved-out comfort zone. Which is another thing I have to talk about. Comfort Zones, I used to have none, now as the year’s pass, I seem to find new countries within mine, like I’m sorry. HOW. But I did wake up to 7 resume responses, 2 of which might be leads, and I somehow managed to create two new network connections, that could be promising. But who knows, if there is one thing I know for sure is ; that nothing is for sure. And that is OK.

I also spent a fair amount of time today, daydreaming about the life I want to have. The life where I get to support my family in every way imaginable. The way I get to spend my life, doing the things I want to do – with the only time I have. Both a beautiful thought and a mix of depressive soup with a triple-A steak on the side.

So today, when I got home. I cleaned for my fitness activity, as discussed yesterday. I also ran around scrubbing random services that I had forgotten about and tried to protect the cats from the evil vacuum cleaner that insisted on following us around the house.

I also caved and bought a new Audible book.

Till’ morrow!


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