New. Electric Longboard.

As a “new,” adult, I haven’t tried a lot of new things. My life has been intermittently on hold for the past 5 years, so now I’m on a mission for new experiences.

So a couple weeks ago, I bought an electric longboard. I have never been on a skateboard, or snowboard before. So this is quite the adventure for me. I’m also awfully clumsy. Like, embarrassingly. Today, I grabbed the wrong end of my curling wand, but it’s okay- it had only heated up to 350 degrees.

However, this new adventure has been going well. I’ve been having an absoutle blast, and to my surprise, no one seems to care that I’m learning something new. Somehow I was worried that people would think I looked stupid, (which I do, #learning) but it’s not a negative thing? I’ve actually gotten a handful of thumbs up and positive accolades as I slowly zoomed by.

So quick lesson of the day, don’t be afraid of looking stupid. No one actually cares. & go try learning something out of your comfort zone!

PS – I did fall off today, for the first time, I might ad. Straight into a hole and twisted my ankle a little. It has a good twang when I move it, but that’s not going to stop me. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I eat dirt whilst boarding, or walking, if I’m being honest.

Have a great weekend all!

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