The Peculiar Chronicles – CO Week 1

Well, folks, we did it. Kind of. We are 50% of the way through.

We posted every day for the last week. We applied to new jobs, we moved our bodies – and we are still dreading the day job tomorrow.

I got around 15 resume responses, but none entrancing enough to have me leave my comfort daily. BUT, the more I write – the stronger the urge becomes. I feel as if I could drastically compare this new urge to a minor cigarette addiction.

We did badly sprain our ankle though. I fell into a hole, longboarding with my love. It could’ve been worse, so I don’t have any major complaints. This time, I am just happy to report that I accidentally hurt myself doing something cool this time. Usually, just my mere existence lands me some form of injury.

I guess this whole writing thing has been good for me thus far. I do have some minor hiccups to hold my breath to, but we will get into those later.

Onwards for the last week of this experiment. Let’s see how it goes?

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