The Peculiar Chronicles: CO Week Two (Final Week)

The Peculiar Chronicles,

Today marks day 14 of my experiment to create some new opportunities for myself. Below was my original list of goals:

  • Post on here every day for the next two weeks **Completed**
  • Work out for 30 mins a day, whilst listening to an audio book (Yes, I count vacuuming as a work out) **About 80% compelted, I did sprain my ankle, which added some unexpected difficulties**
  • Read for at least 15 mins a day **completed**
  • Spam my resume out there, and spend some quality time on LinkedIn to network everyday **Completed 95%, I did loose some networking motivation near the end**

So far so, so good. This project didn’t go as planned, but it wasn’t a total failure. These past two weeks showed me that you just gotta start. No matter what it is, and see how it goes. (Not be so afraid)

Throughout these 14 days, I got a couple resume responses, but none lead out to success.. excluding one. I have a third interview tomorrow for that. So fingers crossed for me, please. BUT I was able to significantly grow my online community. We averaged 238 visitors, 582 views and we are now up to 867 followers! YAHOO!! … and we also just passed 500 followers on twitter!

It’s been quite an adventure. I am very stoked about how this all went. I learned a lot about myself, and a lot about how to motivate myself when I don’t feel like doing things. My mood increased, I felt more accomplished, and I’m excited about what I can create in the future. Now, I wasn’t able to completely change my daily job or create a massive community, but these past 14 days made me incredibly happy. It reminded me of the good old days… when I’d rush home from school, to sit on the stairwell and just write.

A massive thank you to everyone who followed along with me. What would you like to see next?

Till Next Time,


5 thoughts on “The Peculiar Chronicles: CO Week Two (Final Week)

  1. Well, first of all, welcome to the blogosphere and secondly, your experiment seems to have gone well!

    1. Thank you, Kim!

  2. Congrats dear, more achievements 💪

    1. Thank you!!

      1. You are most welcome ❤️

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