3 thoughts in 3 mins. Fear.

thought 1: I fear a lot of things. Most of them are experiences that will never happen or words that will never be spoken. Yet, in order to combat that particular fear I avoid those situations where the, “what if’s” actually COULD happen. Leading me astray in an endless loop of unproductivity and low mood.

thought 2: Lately, I’ve been learning a lot more about failures. Too much to my heart’s discontent, I must say. Fear wraps itself around my damp, shivering body, like a snake to prey.

thought 3: I’ve been learning a lot about myself this past month. When left absolutely alone, I like to create. I am happy and my voice doesn’t shake. Add a few more tangibles into that situation and I become player one. I know now why most pulp fiction includes a crazy, estranged aunt. I am her.

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